Connecting iBook with PC using Ethernet

Wichit Sirichote,

Connect the iBook G3 notebook with Windows XP by using LAN cable, and share the file easily.

I like MacDraw running on Macintosh in 1984 .Today I got the iBook G3 processor running Mac OS X 10.3.9. The nice tool for picture drawing comes with AppleWorks 6. It is very similar to MacDraw, now I use it for drawing many digrams. However for homepage preparation, I use PC. Thus I will need to transfer picture files from iBook to PC. I found the iBook has provided file sharing capablity by using ethernet. I got the ADSL router. I can use it as the HUB and the ADSL will provide IP for each computer. Figure 1 shows the example of network that connects PC to the iBook by using ethernet. The iBook gets IP, and Windows XP gets
Figure 1: Connect iBook with PC using ethernet.

On the iBook we must select the services for files sharing beforhand. I tested it with Windows Sharing and FTP access services.
Figure 2: Select services, Windows Sharing and FTP Access on the iBook.

Now, on the PC browse the files using My Computer window, enter the IP and user name of your iBook, e.g.

Figure 3: Use My computer to connect the iBook.

The login window will popup, enter user name and password of your iBook's account.

Figure 4: Login window, enter user name and password.

We will get the files on iBook as shown below. Now we can explore the folder and copy the selected files easily.

Figure 5: Folders of the iBook. 

Another connecting channel is via FTP, we can run from DOS command with ftp

Figure 6: DOS command line.  

Enter the user name and password. The OS X will response with Welcome to Darwin!

Figure 7: Using FTP commands to get the file. 

We can then use commands under FTP for file transfer easily.

Note: 1. If you do not have the router, you can use cross cable tie between PC and iBook directly.



23 July 2013