AT89C2051 Programmer using Linux terminal

Victor Moisey,

Build the programmer for the 89C2051 chip running under linux operating system.

The design uses PIC16F877 as the master chip. It receives hex code from linux terminal and produces the address, data and control signals for programming the target 89C2051 chip. Figure 1 shows the prototype of testing board.

As you can see, there are two boards. I started with the one on the right and tried some designs. The problem was getting them to work with Linux. I then added the board on the left. It was from an old project that was no longer in use.

So it is quite messy. The white IC socket is not used. The 20 pin empty socket now serves as a test-socket for the AT89C2051. That explains the extra crystal. The BCD switch is no longer in use. The D-connector on the left is for programming the PIC16F877. The one on the right is for serial communication. It has a MAX232 nearby. At the front is a piece of copper, serving as a heat sink for the 5V regulator. I could have designed it better, but I don't use it continuously. The circuit is powered by a "wall wort," you can just see the connector on the right, under the D-connector.


Figure 1: The 89C2051 programmer board.

And the screenshot of of the downloader software running with Gtkterminal is shown in Figure 2.
Figure 2: Screenshot of commands dispalyed on the GtkTerminal..


1. AT89C2051 Programmer.pdf
2. AT89C2051_Programmer.asm
3. AT89C2051_Programmer.lst
4. AT89C2051_Programmer.HEX



5 August 2013