Atmel 89S and AVR Programmer(STK200)

For AT89Sxx and AVR
Tahan Prahara,


If you are looking for an easy-build and useful programmer for the AT89Sxx, AVR MCU, and tiny AVR, here is my simple circuit. The board is signal compatible with the STK200 parallel programmer.

STK200 Parallel Programmer

Layout PCB


The loader hardware can be used with many programs.

1.       AT89Sxx series, we can use Asim loader ISP flash programmer V 3.0a

2.       The built-in programmer with CodeVisionAVR from (or WinAVR (freeware)

How to use CodeVisonAVR please visit this

3.      AT89 and AVR u can try this



The PCB file is ExpressPCB.

Schematic           : STK200.sch

PCB                   : STK200.pcb   

For cable length should be one meter or less.


Any questions please email me