Connecting MiniLOGGER with Easy-Server V0.9

Wichit Sirichote,

The Easy-Server V0.9 run on Windows 95,98,NT provides a simple means to connect the MiniLOGGER from anywhere using Telnet terminal. As shown above we may extend the serial cord with 20mA current loop or 75176 driver for RS485 standard. However, with a 9600 baud, the length would be suitable for connecting the MiniLOGGER to the nearest PC having IP address. Now with the Easy-Server that run on Windows 95, 98, NT, we then can extend the length of serial transmission very far, even around the planet Earth through internet network.

Download Easy-Server V0.9 (available only executable file)
20 May 2000
EZ-Server V0.9
beta version
10 June 2000
EZ-Server V1.0
with SMTP

Running Easy-Server V0.9

Without IP address that connected to internet gateway, you may run Easy-Server on your PC at home, by using Local IP address, i.e. with port 8888, say.

Here is example of running Easy-Server V0.9 using local host as a, the screen of the server showed ASCII character received from client and duration of using the server.

Below is example of using Telnet with Port 8888, the initial password is "password". However, on server screen you may change welcome message,  password and port number for your convenient. The INI file will then be generated automatically.

The beta version of Easy-Server V0.9 differs from direct RS232 terminal connection in such a way that each single letter command, say "/" to read current time and read analog must be followed by ENTER key.
If the test is success with Local host, now try using Telnet from any terminal that connected to internet gateway.

I shall grateful if you could test and send bug report, however the matter regarding Easy-Server, definitely I didn't know details of what TCP/IP stack would form, send and receive. But my friend who wrote the Easy-Server may help you and I'm sure he will be glad if you could send suggestion, bug found, or problem to his e-mail address here

updated 19 May 2543