Understanding Intel HEX File

"Get internet terminal, describe your friend with this page, what is Intel HEX file? " Wichit Sirichote

Let see the example program written in ASM51 format.

         cseg at 8000h
        jmp main

        org 8100h

main:   clr a
        mov r7,#0
loop:   mov a,r7
        cpl a
        mov p1,a
        mov r6,#50h
        djnz r6,$
        djnz r7,loop
        jmp $


After assembling, we get the intel HEX shown below.


Compare also to the Listing file.

8000                  12            cseg at 8000h
8000 028100           13            jmp main
8100                  15            org 8100h
8100 E4               17    main:   clr a
8101 7F00             18            mov r7,#0
8103 EF               19    loop:   mov a,r7
8104 F4               20            cpl a
8105 F590             21            mov p1,a
8107 7E50             22            mov r6,#50h
8109 DEFE             23            djnz r6,$
810B DFF6             24            djnz r7,loop
810D 80FE             25            jmp $
                      29            end

For now study yourself the meaning of each field in HEX file by this picture. Hope you got it.