Make your own PIC Programmer

ezPIC Programmer for PICs and EEPROMs by Sunrom Technologies

ezPIC is low cost serial port programmer for PIC microcontroller and
I2C EEPROM. The programmer does not need external power supply and it
takes all necessary power and signal from RS232 Serial Port.



* No external power supply required
* High quality 3M ZIF socket for easy insertion and removal of
* Software upgradeable for future PIC Microcontrollers
* Can program most PIC and I2C EEPROM devices
* In-Circuit Programming capability
* LED indication of Active programming mode.

Using IC-Prog for Programming

1. Select appropriate PIC / EEPROM Device to be programmed

2. Load a file, Click on open fileโฆ

3. Put your device in the hardware at proper location and check for
proper switch position.

4. Program All to write and verify the file into device.

Supported Devices

PIC 12C508 PIC 16C71 PIC 18F258 PIC 16C773
PIC 12C509 PIC 16F873 PIC 18F442 PIC 16C774
PIC 16F84 PIC 16F874 PIC 18F448 PIC 16F818
PIC 12C671 PIC 16F628 PIC 18F452 PIC 18F1320
PIC 16C433 PIC 16C715 PIC 18F458 PIC 16F72
PIC 12C672 PIC 16F84A PIC 16F74 PIC 16F819
PIC 12CE673 PIC 16C505 PIC 16F73 PIC 18F6620
PIC 12CE674 PIC 16C621 PIC 16F76 PIC 18F6720
PIC 12C508A PIC 16F627 PIC 16F77 PIC 18F8620
PIC 12C509A PIC 16F872 PIC 12F675 PIC 18F8720
PIC 12CE519 PIC 16F871 PIC 16F873A PIC 18F4539
PIC 12CE518 PIC 16F870 PIC 16F874A PIC 18F2320
PIC 16F83 PIC 16C56 PIC 16F876A PIC 18F4320
PIC 16C62A PIC 16C61 PIC 16F877A PIC 18F1220
PIC 16C62B PIC 16C620 PIC 12F629 PIC 16F628A
PIC 16C63A PIC 16C622A PIC 16C712 PIC 16F648A
PIC 16C63 PIC 16C73A PIC 16C710 PIC 16F88
PIC 16C64A PIC 16C84 PIC 16C620A
PIC 16C65A PIC 16C73B PIC 16C621A
PIC 16C65B PIC 16C74A PIC 16C716
PIC 16C66 PIC 16C74B PIC 16CE624
PIC 16C67 PIC 16C76 PIC 16CE623
PIC 16C72 PIC 16C77 PIC 16C745
PIC 16C72A PIC 16C58 PIC 16C717
PIC 16C923 PIC 16C765 PIC 16C770
PIC 16C924 PIC 16C711 PIC 16C771
PIC 16F877 PIC 16CE625 PIC 16C781
PIC 16F876 PIC 18F252 PIC 16C782
PIC 16C54 PIC 18F242 PIC 16F676
PIC 16C622 PIC 18F248 PIC 16F630
I2C EEPROM-Devices
24C01A 4C016 == 24C01
24C02 GRS-003 == 24C02
24C04 GRN-004 == 24C04
24C08 GRN-008 == 24C04
24C16 GRX-006 == 24C04
24C32 GRX-007 == 24C04
24C64/65 (Atmel) KKZ06F == 24C01
AT24C128 (Atmel) BAW658049 == 24C02
AT24C256 (Atmel) BAW57452 == 24C02
AT24C512 (Atmel) M8571 == 24C02
M24C128 (Microchip) X24C01
M24C256 (Microchip)
24C515 (Microchip)
PCF8572 or 8572 = 24C01
PCF8582 or 8582 = 24C02
PCF8592 or 8592 = 24C04
Datasheet: ezPIC Manual PDF (291 Kb)
Software: IC-Prog V1.05d ZIP (735 Kb)

ezPIC Programmer for PICs and EEPROMs
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Last Updated: 21st April 2006
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