ATMEL AVR ATMega 8535/16/32


ATMEL AT89S5x Family Learning Kit

Eko Yulianto,


Build the Newand Update AVR and AT89S5x Family learning boards with I/O interfacing modules.

Both Mainboard Features

AVR Minimum System

Figure 1 Mainboard layout for ATMega 8535/16/32

MCS-51 Minimum System

Figure 2 Mainboard layout for AT89S5x Family


I/O Modules:

LED Board

Led Module Single

Led Module Double

Figure 3 LED Module Single and Double

Tact Switch Module

Tact Switch Module

Figure 4 Tact SwitchModule

LCD Module

16 x 2 LCD

Figure 5 LCD Module

Keypad Module

4 x 4 Matrix Keypad

Figure 6 Keypad Module

RTC and 1-Wire Temperature Sensor Module


Figure 7 RTC and 1-Wire Temperature Sensor Module

ISP Header Pin Configuration

ISP Header

Figure 8 Signals of the ISP header

Download the complete file here :

The zip file contains all PCB boards, include schematic for both mainboard.

For the board with no schematic included (figure 3 - 7), you can make it yourself, is easy to figure out the schematic from the PCB board.

If you have any question, suggestion or maybe you find a bug, I'll very grateful if you contact me at : or

Updated: August, 3rd, 2016.