REMOTE[RS232] Using Easy-Server V0.9

Wichit Sirichote,

Connecting PIC16F84 to internet gateway, set/clear bit, read bit from wherever internet terminal available. Free download Easy-Server V0.9 beta!

A diagram shown above was to demonstrate the use of Easy-Server V0.9 to connect PIC16F84 chip through internet terminal. A PIC16F84 receives and sends ascii character as a command or data via a 9600 8n1 serial port, COM1 say, to a PC having IP address. The Easy-Server run on PC under Windows 95,98,NT, forms a TCP/IP stack and sends over the internet network. Wherever you find internet terminal, use Telnet to connect the PIC16F84, with IP address of the PC and Port 8888, say. We then can set/clear LEDs (LED1, LED2), turn electromechanical RELAY (K1) on/off or read digital input (S1,S2) definitely around the Earth. Many have ask me what for? I said just for fun. I suppose after reading and making the circuit, you may got others useful idea, say Telemetering, Remote control, Alert signaling. Please send me your project, I shall provide for others.

Let Build PIC16F84 first

The circuit for demonstration uses a PIC16F84 run with 4MHz Xtal. RA0 and RA1 provide sink current output for driving small LEDs. RB0 drives a 2n3904 which in turns drive a 12V RELAY (K1). Two bits, RB1 and RB2 are input port to read logic status of S1 and S2. The serial interfacing for RS232C standard uses simple TTL level but the logic is inverted. With a 1K connected to RxD and a 20K to TxD, the circuit works well with any PC.

The original C program for REMOTE RS232 is Remote.c with Remote.h for headre file and the HEX file ready for F84 Programmer is Remote.hex.

Test with Hyperterminal

After finish build the circuit, you can test the board with direct connect to any communication program. Below showed example of using Hyperterminal.

Press Enter key, it sends Title message "REMOTE[RS232]".
Try set/clear LED using "1" and "2", or command 7 to read logic at the input for SW1, say. If success then get the Easy-Server below to test remote login.

Download Easy-Server V0.9 (available only executable file)

The original version of Easy-Server was written by Zong who(see about in Easy-Server screen) wrote me many PC program using Delphi.
20 May 2000
EZ-Server V0.9
beta version
EZ-Server V1.0
with SMTP

Initial Password

You can switch ezserver to initialize mode by deleting 'config.ini' in the folder of ezserver and default password is 'password'. This enables you to enter at first log-in.

Running Easy-Server V0.9

Without IP address that connected to internet gateway, you may run Easy-Server on your PC at home, by using Local IP address, i.e. with port 8888, say.

While waiting client, invoke Telnet with Remote System IP address with port 8888.

Example shown above is sending command '1','2','3','4', say. For command '7' and '8', the REMOTE[RS232] will send back status of SW1 and SW2.

Change Welcome Message, Password, and Port number

You may change the welcome message, password, and port number easily by config icon in the EZ server screen.

As shown above, next version Zong would prepare us with SMTP for sending e-mail from microcontroller to your address or sending message through your pager. Details of Easy-Server, please ask him directly here