Single-Side PCB for Easy Downloader V1.1

Daniel José Viana,

I have designed a small single side PCB for the Easy Downloader V1.1. The board size is only 10.5 x 3.75 cm. It can make easily using toner transfer method. The component placement is shown below. Please notice that a DB9 connector can be soldered out of the board, so the PCB can be cut, the board size will be 9.2 x 3.75cm.

Another feature is two extra holes to allow the use of a miniature crystal instead of the HC-49 type. See both crystals at the picture below.

I have made a bit modifications on the design of VPP switch and replace the MAX232 with two transistors as shown below..


The Layout and schematic are available in several formats: Eagle Layout Editor and PNG.

Schematics in Eagle Format

Layout, 300dpi, PNG; 600dpi PNG

Schematic, PNG format, (also PDF format)

Board and Components Mask, in Postscript format