Make Your Own Single-Side PCB for Easy-Downloader V1.1
Plermjai Inchuay,

The Easy Downloader V 1.1 , a Flash Writer for 89C2051/4051 which was designed by Wichit Sirichote, used  a Double-Side PCB. I think, it's difficult to make my own PCB by myself. So that I decided to design a Single-Side PCB instead. My first prototype board was made using hand-writing with a permanent ink pen( see later in Figure 3). This page however, thus provides a PCB layout and components placement written by Paint Program. So simple, but it works fine. Everyone can make it easily. If you've got problem or any suggestion, please send it to my e-mail address shown above.
Figure 1: Bottom View of PCB Pattern for Easy Downloader V 1.1 (A full size copy is 6.5x13 cm)

Figure 2:  Component placement layout (top view), be careful pin 1 of IC chips and polarity of electrolytic capacitors.

Don't forget, you must connect jumper wires on a bottom of PCB: pin 12-19 of the writer(89c2051) to pin 12-19 of the ZIF Socket, respectively

Figure 3:  Shows jumper wires connection on the bottom side of PCB, see the handcraft PCB pattern, so cool !
Single-side PROTEL PCB file, EZSS.PCB

## README for Making Single-Side PCB EasyDownloader by EZSS.PCB (Protel PCB file)  ##

1. Blue pattern is copper trace layer on a bottom of the PCB.
2. Yellow pattern is a component overlay.
3. Green lines are jumper lines (J3-J10) which must be connected on the bottom of the PCB.

updated, 23 Feb 2543