Make Your Own Single-Side PCB for Easy-Downloader V2.0

Bruno Marcio,

    This is a single-side PCB version of Easy-Download v2.0 , instead you design the double-sided  original  board, you can make this version without difficulty!
        The picture's board  was manufactured by an industry, but you can make it yourself using a plotter , Silk-screen or  other method what you think better.

Figure 1: Bottom View of PCB Pattern for Easy Downloader V 2.0 (the full size is 87x 103 mm)

Figure 2:  Component placement layout (top view), be careful with the polarity of electrolytic capacitors. Every components labeled with " J "  ( J1, J2, etc...) is a jumper.

 The board was designed with ACCEL TANGO PCB Plus V2.2 (for DOS): TG.ZIP

                          Uncompressed this file in C:\TG directory. If the program don't
                          work correctly, you'll to configure the sch.ini and pcb.ini file
                          with DOS-EDIT or WIN-Notepad and put the correct
                          directories in the text line..

 Single-side TANGO PCB file :

I made a small modification in the circuit, see it at new schematic : prog89.gif

I suggest that builds starting from the Tango's  format, for being of better quality.

If you have a problem, comment, bug report, or suggestion please contact me via e-mail address shown above.