Fixing the voltage regulator of HC-06 Bluetooth modem

Wichit Sirichote,

Simple fixing the HC-06 Bluetooth modem with ON semiconductor LM1117.

If your HC-06 Bluetooth board has no LED blink when power it up. The problem could be the dead of onboard voltage regulator. The onboard regulator is limited to +6V max. We may connect to the higher input voltage.

We can fix it by replacing the new +3.3V regulator easily. I used a very cheap voltage regulator, LM1117 +3.3V DPAK package from ON semiconductor. The part number is NCP1117DT33RKG. You can get it from Electronic source.

Fixing is easy by removing the dead regulator (close to +3.3V pin). Then solder the new one. Here is the picture I made it.

The new regulator package is DPAK, or TO-252. Pin 1 is GND and pin 3 is Vin max +20V. TAB is +3.3V output.

Download NCP1117DT33RKG datasheet.


25 January 2016