STK200/STK300 ISP Header
Wichit Sirichote,
If you've got a friend's STK200/STK300 ISP cable, here is the signal designation needed to be tied to AVR chips. If you don't have it, let build the buffer cable that compatible with STK200/STK300 and try also a free download  "ATMEL AVR ISP" from ATMEL website.

The necessary signal needed for AVR ISP are MOSI, RESET, SCK, and MISO. In addition, the DC supply +5V and GND are provided by the application board for the ISP buffer chip. See the circuit diagram of the ISP buffer chip here "Experimenting the AVR microcontroller with CodeVision". The header shown in that circuit was my homemade cable, you may change it to be above diagram very easy.

Most of the AVR chips use MOSI and MISO signals but the MEGA103 uses PE0 for MOSI and PE1 for MISO. The rest signals SCK and RESET, are the same. The small LED is optional, not necessary sometime, just to indicate programming is functioning.

ATMEL provides a free download "ATMEL AVR ISP", the window version ISP downloader for all AVR chips.

updated 13 April 2544