Home Automation Over Internet [UPDATED]

By Ajay Bhargav ajay_bhargav@hotmail.com

Yet another nice project for college students!

Hello friends, i am here with another simple but a useful project
"Home Automation over internet". Most of the people thought of
controlling home appliances and other things like bulbs tubes and
switches etc using an IR remote or a wired things running from your
computer to your switch board, but what if you are not at home and
suddenly you reminded that you have left something on but you are not
sure and you can't even go back.. so what can you do? Don't worry
friends solution is here. now access your fully automated home from
anywhere in the world that the power of internet... ;-)

So talking about the main thing which you can say the backbone of this
project is the HOME AUTOMATION SERVER this software helps you to
emulate your serial communication over a very famous remote access
utility called TELNET. So basically a telnet server is created at your
host PC. A screen shot of the working software is shown below.

Figure 1: Home Automation Server Software

Figure 2 shows a block diagram of the full system.

We have switches and home appliances that are to be controlled. The embedded hardware
is then connected to your PC via serial communication running at 9600
8-n-1 configuration. The HA server is running on the PC with any
operating system, with PC's IP configured. You can use a DNS server if
you want access all over the internet and if you are using it on LAN
then you can have a fix IP within that domain. So using the telnet
command with the ip address of the server you can connect to the

Figure 3 and 4 shows the schematic diagram for home automation project
as you can see, we are using LEDs to denote bulbs, tubes and Switches.
As per the program, the tubes are connected at P1.0 and P1.1; Bulbs
are connected at P1.2, P1.3 and P1.4; and switched are connected at
P1.5, P1.6 and P1.7. The LCD (16x2 LCD) is connected at P2; and three
switches which are used to read the messages i.e. P3.2 for read
message, P3.3 for next message and P3.4 for Previous Message. Because
of the lack of RAM we can only support maximum of three messages.

Figure 3: Control, Display and PC interface section

Figure 4: Appliance and Power Supply section.

Following are the commands which are used in our project.




To get the status of all the appliances connected to the controller.


To switch ON/OFF the tubes. Selecting any one out of two.


To switch ON/OFF the bulbs, selecting any one out of the three bulbs.


To switch ON/OFF the switches connected to the controller, selecting
anyone out of three switches.


To leave a message. Maximum of three messages and each containing
maximum 28 characters.


To display help menu.

The source code and the software HA server for the Home Automation
Project can be downloaded from link below. It also contains a help
file which will help guide you how to use the software.
Old Source code with help
HA Server

Changes in the new code!

added dimmness of LED

Schematic updated

LED indicator for new message
download the new code here NEW Source code

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